Covid-19 protocol

At Rondo del Valle, the health and well-being of our clients and employees is paramount.

Given the measures indicated by health authorities, it is necessary to consider the following to have a better experience during your visit.

We offer “contactless” service, in which using your mobile device you can scan QR codes to access:

  • Reservations
  • Digital Menu
  • Wine purchases, tastings and experiences


For security reasons, only groups with a maximum of 10 people will be accepted, access to minors is not allowed and access will be restricted to people who present a suspicious condition, as well as their companions.

Reservations have a 15-minute tolerance and it is necessary to go through a sanitary filter, where the temperature and blood oxygenation, hand and footwear sanitation will be taken. The use of face masks and maintaining a healthy distance at all times are mandatory.

Our establishment is “Pet friendly”, so your pet is welcome, but for their protection, you must remain with them on a leash at all times and you must make sure to bring their own bowl to drink water.



  • They are attended by trained personnel and with safety equipment.
  • Tables, chairs, bars and furniture are disinfected before and after each tasting or tasting.
  • All glasses and utensils are previously disinfected.
  • The purchase of a glass of wine is suggested and it is important that you do not share it at any time.


Hygiene and Sanitation Measures

  • We carry out hygiene practices and constant training for our staff.
  • We have sanitary filters for our staff and suppliers.
  • All our facilities are sanitized daily with special machines, prior to opening and during the day.
  • Manual sanitation is mandatory before and after each tasting or tasting, at all service stations, tables, chairs, bars and utensils.